A new generation of pegs has landed.
Discover Rizoma four brand new models for a unique riding experience

The aluminum is shaped into an unedited "vertical snake-scales" texture through a high-precision machining, created to achieve the best in terms of performance and grip. A result supported also by the final crown gear enhancement.

The double anodizing and the aluminum fade machining characterized the innovative design of this component. The base is wider to create an improved ergonomics and to have a central plate with a contrasting finishing, for an aesthetic effect that hightlights the grip area.

Once more, the racing experience leads to a product innovation. This accessory is born to challenge the rider to his limit thanks to a fixed part in aluminum, with wide-mesh texture for a higher grip, and a technopolymer part easily replaceable in case of extreme lean angle.

Comfortable riding feeling and freedom of application make Escape peg the perfect choice for the off-road bikes. The superficial Altera texture matches with grooves to characterize the replaceable part in technopolymer, giving it a higher grip and emphasizing the concept of all terrain, so from the easiest road to the boldest one.